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    Hillman just launched Long Life Milk in Cow Milk 500 ml pouch, DTM 500 ml and 200ml pouch.

    Hillman just launched it’s brand of Flavoured Milk- MILKOOZ in three flavours – Kesar Pista, Chocolate and Cool Coffee.

    Hillman Lassi is soon going to be launched in a new gen pack which will give 30 days shelf life without any refrigeration.

    Hillman’s is searching for able and well experienced Distributors for its Flavoured Milk- MILKOOZ in Siliguri and other areas of North Bnegal, Bihar and Assam.



Hillman’s Pure Ghee is an ideal choice to enrich your meals with. Across India, Ghee is savored with meals at different times of the day
.It is thoroughly enjoyed by people, young and old. Hillman’s ghee has a history of offering to its customers the freshest milk products.
Hillman’s Pure Ghee is no different, It is prepared under ten stringent quality and hygiene standard checks to ensure you get the finest quality,
with the genuine taste and aroma of homemade ghee. Hillman’s Pure Ghee contains Vitamin A, D, E and K.
It contains anti-oxidants that aid in building immunity.
Ghee, although a type of clarified butter, differs slightly in its production. The process of creating traditional clarified butter is complete once the water is evaporated and the fat (clarified butter) is separated from the milk solids. However, the production of ghee includes simmering the butter along with the milk solids so that they caramelize, which makes it nutty-tasting and aromatic.

Ayurveda considers ghee to be sattvik or sattva-gu?i (in the “mode of goodness”), when used as food. Ghee is the main ingredient in some of the ayurvedic medicines.
Ghee is included under catuh maha sneha (the four main oils: gh?ta, taila, vasa, and majja) along with sesame oil, muscle fat, and bone marrow.
Ghee is used preferentially for the diseases caused by Pitta Dosha. There are many Ayurvedic formulations containing ghee, for example, Brahmi gh?ta, Indukanta gh?ta, Phala gh?ta, etc. Though there are 8 types of ghee mentioned in Ayurvedic classics, ghee made of human breast milk and cow’s ghee are claimed
to be excellent among them. Further, cow’s ghee has medhya (intellect promoting) and rasayana (vitalizing) properties. Ghee is also used in Ayurvedas for constipation and ulcers.

Like any clarified butter, ghee is composed almost entirely of fat; the nutrition facts label found on bottled cow’s ghee produced in the India

indicates 8 mg of cholesterol per teaspoon.

Hillman’s Pure Ghee is available in pet bottles of 1ltr, 500ml, 200ml and 100ml capacity; it is also available in pouches of 200ml, 100ml and 50ml capacity;
there are sachets available in 20ml capacity as well