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    Hillman just launched Long Life Milk in Cow Milk 500 ml pouch, DTM 500 ml and 200ml pouch.

    Hillman just launched it’s brand of Flavoured Milk- MILKOOZ in three flavours – Kesar Pista, Chocolate and Cool Coffee.

    Hillman Lassi is soon going to be launched in a new gen pack which will give 30 days shelf life without any refrigeration.

    Hillman’s is searching for able and well experienced Distributors for its Flavoured Milk- MILKOOZ in Siliguri and other areas of North Bnegal, Bihar and Assam.



Lassi is a traditional chilled beverage from India that is made with buttermilk and an assortment of flavorings. Many Indian restaurants offer the drink on their menus, since it is a popular accompaniment to spicy Indian food. It can also be made at home with the assistance of a blender or a set of eggbeaters. Some markets also sell the yogurt beverage in prepackaged containers for convenience, and it is available at many roadside stands in India.

According to historic texts, lassi and its various forms have been prepared for centuries. Special versions with ingredients like honey are used in some Hindu rituals, and ayurvedic practitioners may prescribe lassi to treat specific conditions. One of the most common ingredients in the drink is toasted cumin, which is supposed to help the digestion. Other special ingredients may be used in ayurvedic beverages as well, depending on the patient’s condition.
Mango lassi is gaining popularity worldwide. It is made from yogurt, water and mango pulp. It may be made with or without additional sugarango lassi is a cold drink consisting of sweetened kesar mango pulp mixed with yogurt, cream, or ice cream. It is served in a tall glass with a straw, often with ground pistachio nuts sprinkled on top

Chaas or chaach is a salted drink like lassi; however, chaas contains more water than lassi and has the butterfat removed, so its consistency is not as thick as lassi. Salt and Jeera (cumin seeds) are normally added for taste and sometimes even fresh coriander. Fresh ground ginger & green chillies may also be added as seasoning. Chaas is popular in the Indian states Gujarat and Rajasthan, where it is drunk with the main meal. It is known to aid digestion and is an excellent coolant in the Indian and Pakistani summers. It is called ‘majjige’ in Kannada, ‘taak’ in Marathi, ‘majjiga’ in Telugu, ‘moru’ in Tamil and Malayalam, and ‘ghol’ in Bengali.

There are many types of lassi that are now available. Sweet lassi is a more recent invention, and has become immensely popular. Rose water is a common ingredient for sweet lassi and adds a sweet, perfumed aroma. Sweet lassi can be flavoured with any fruit of choice like mango, pineapple, banana, lychee, strawberry, etc