Hillman's Milk Hillman's Milk Hillman's Milk Hillman's Milk Hillman's Milk Hillman's Milk

Fresh Milk

Hillman’s milk is available as Standard Milk, Cow Milk, Toned Milk & Double Toned Milk in 500 ml pouches.

Long Life Milk

This milk stays pure and fresh till 30 days without refrigeration. Can be consumed without boiling.

Tetra Packs

Toned Double Toned Tetra Packs in 200ml

   Hillman's Milk & Milk Products.

NRS Agro Private Ltd (ErstWhile Hillman Food Private ltd) has been in the bussiness of processing and packaging of milk and other dairy products under the brand name of Hillman since the year 1995.
The company’s existing product portfolio includes fresh milk – Cowmilk, Toned milk , Double toned milk, Standard milk, Ghee, Paneer, Masala Paneer, Lassi, Icecream, Dahi, Misthi Dahi. The company has recently launched its line of revolunationary Longlife Milk under the same brand name of “Hillman” in two variants -Cow milk and Double toned milk.

Happy with its success and with the smiles of million customers accross the Northeast region, The company has decided to double its production of Longlife milk and also launch its line of Longlife flavoured milk, Longlife lassi with an extended shelf life for its customer in the coming spring.